Spring Time Farm is Nick Spring and Sarah Robinson. We grow Certified Organic vegetables and flowers, farming six of our 37 acres. We have farmed together in Everson, WA since 2014 but Nick’s grandparents Ralph and Margaret Spring began the first Spring-Time Farm in 1922 in upstate New York. Ralph farmed for more than 75 years. We have been working hard to revive the family farm after it skipped a generation.

Located on the fertile river bottom soil of the Sumas headwaters, Spring Time Farm’s focus is growing healthy and nutritious vegetables and blooms while doing what we can to create a richer ecosystem.

You can support us by visiting us at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market and asking for our products in local stores and restaurants. Please feel free to contact us for bulk or wholesale orders, as well!


Nick has been growing food and learning about agriculture since 2008. He has worked on multiple farms throughout Whatcom and Skagit county, California, and Japan. Sarah settled in Everson after intermittent bicycle travel all over north and central America. She has worked on farms in the US and Turkey.



6 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Yeah go Spring Time farm.
    So excited to hear all about your endeavours.
    Sure hope to be able to come and walk in your fields and orchards one day.
    All the best to you, Nick and Sarah.
    Love from the Springs in Scotland .

  2. Ditto Vicki – I love you and what you are doing! I just wish it was someplace south of Seattle, like, say the Portland area! Good luck on these ventures, and may Springtime Farms prosper!

  3. Proud of you brother! I’d like to come up and check it out sometime. If you ever get down to southern WA please do stop in and check out our place. Lillywood is startin to come together pretty well and I’d love you show ya around and pick your ever so impressive brain 😉 Much love mate.

  4. Lucky Bellingham! Sarah, yer ma and pop are proud of both of you, and we love being part of your journey.

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