Spring Time Farm is Nick Spring, Sarah Robinson and our hard working crew. 2022 will be our 9th season growing Certified Organic vegetables and flowers in Everson, WA. Our farm is on the fertile river bottom soil of the Sumas headwaters and our focus is on quality while enriching the ecosystem of our property.

Our farming philosophy in a beautiful minute long video (buckthecubicle.com)

We call ourselves a family farm that skipped a generation because our property is a retired dairy that we are working to restore to agricultural and environmental health. Also, we are thrilled to revive the original Spring-Time Farm that Nick’s grandparents, Ralph and Margaret Spring, ran in upstate New York for more than 70 years. Both of our families a generation back were involved in agriculture.

Farm Financials 2022 for the curious!

Our prices have increased for 2022. Why? In short, to pay our hardworking employees more and compensate for rising production costs. 

  • We have steadily increased the wages we pay our crew by 50-90% since we started the farm business in 2014. It’s a priority for us to offer a higher wage, but recognize we still have a very long way to go before farmwork is compensated appropriately. Farmwork is skilled labor! For 2022, we are proud to have introduced a profit-sharing bonus program for all of our workers. It’s a drop in the bucket, but represents the direction that Spring Time Farm wants to grow – with our members’ support being instrumental in that positive change.
  • Wholesale prices – what we are paid by grocery stores, etc. – have only increased by an average of 16% during that time. 
  • The cost of materials has gone up astronomically in the past couple years – think packaging, boxes, machinery, fertilizer, soil amendments, seed, hiring mechanics, fuel, everything.

We have consistently prioritized investing in machinery and equipment that will increase our efficiency, speed, and overall profitability – but also save and preserve our crews’ backs over the years. In our minds, a large part of sustainability lies in protecting the bodies of the people who work with us and, eventually, being able to pay them a wage that fully and comfortably supports them, contributing to a more equitable and stable local economy. We have a long way to go as a society to make this happen! Nick and I want to be transparent with our members about their farmers – the business is robust and healthy, with last season representing our highest grossing season to date. Our expenses were also the highest they’ve ever been, partially because of our carefully thought-out investments in equipment as well as rising production costs (the global supply chain issues’ local impact). 

Drag the bar across (left to right) to see the farm in 1968 vs 2020!

You can support us by joining our Bellingham or Seattle CSAs and asking for our products in local stores and restaurants. Feel free to contact us for bulk or wholesale orders, as well! To receive our weekly fresh sheets please email info@springtimefarm.com or give Nick a call at 360.610.3700. You can also purchase our produce on the Puget Sound Food Hub.