Spring Time Farm is a family farm growing Certified Organic vegetables and flowers in the fertile soils of the Nooksack Valley. Wife and husband team of Sarah and Nick, along with a small crew, grow 15 acres of vegetables. We sell through our Community Supported Agriculture program, direct to regional groceries, restaurants and local food hubs.

Our mission is to grow high quality food while providing good jobs and enhancing the farm’s ecosystem.

Our goal: good food, good jobs, good stewardship.

Eduardo, Guadalupe and Nick harvesting broccoli.

We are a family farm that skipped a generation. Having both grown up in urban environments, we came to farming in adulthood because of our passion to grow food, work outside and create tangible change in our community. Like many Americans, we have agrarian roots. The original Spring-Time Farm was started 99 years ago by Nick’s grandparents, Ralph and Margaret Spring, where they grew vegetables in upstate New York. 

Drag the bar across (left to right) to see the farm in 1968 vs 2020!
Our farming philosophy in a minute and a half.