We want to be your farmers!

Spring Time Farm is offering a weekly subscription of seasonal, Certified Organic vegetables, fruits and herbs to Whatcom County and Seattle. Our Main Season CSA is a 20 week program from May 11 to September 28.

Are you looking to cook with only the freshest, healthiest seasonal produce? Bring the harvest home with a weekly pre-packed box with a mix of Certified Organic vegetables, fruits and herbs – all straight from the farm. Our unique CSA offers chef-quality produce, heirloom varieties, and optional weekly add-ons.

Do you want to support your local farmers? By becoming a member, you will have a direct connection to your farmers (us!) and the delicious produce grown on our farm. CSAs provide up-front income to help farms like Spring Time Farm ride the highs (and lows) of each season. Please continue reading below for some introductory information.

*** SLIDING SCALE AVAILABILITY: We are thrilled to offer reduced-cost CSA shares to our community, thanks in part to an incredibly generous donor (and returning CSA member!). If you’d like to be a CSA member and financial support would be helpful for your access, PLEASE EMAIL US info@springtimefarm.com so we can get you enrolled (let us know what percentage off share pricing would be useful). We want to feed you! Likewise, please contact us if you’re interested in contributing to our sliding scale program and increasing food access within our community. ***

How It Works

You’ll get a weekly pre-packed box containing a mix of the best Certified Organic vegetables, fruits and herbs the region has to offer. Our CSA is chance to expand your culinary horizons and feed yourself, your family, or your chosen family the best vegetables, grown right here in our community.

Pick-up Wednesdays in West Seattle, Capitol Hill, University District, downtown Bellingham, Fairhaven, or on the farm in Everson. We are open to more locations – we need at least 10-15 members per site. Contact us at info@springtimefarm.com with ideas!

  • You get to choose between two sizes:
    • Full Share (9-12 vegetables, fruits or herbs/week). OUR VERY BEST VALUE!!! Great for vegetable-loving pairs or 2-4 folks who eat moderate amounts of produce.
    • Petite Share (6-8 vegetables, fruits or herbs/week). Great for vegetable-loving individuals or small households that dine out occasionally.
  • Your subscription will cost $27-$46 per week, depending on the share size you select and pickup location.
  • We host an online farm store for our members! During the season you can add items to your share on week-by-week basis (bulk tomatoes for canning, potatoes for your pantry, flowers from the farm, as well as add-ons from neighboring producers as available – possibly pork, eggs, mushrooms, etc).
  • We offer two vacation days per season. You have two options if you know you’ll be out of town/unable to get your share – read more upon sign-up.
  • FARMER INSURANCE BREAK (new for 2022): The Main Season CSA is scheduled for 21 weeks, but there will only be 20 pickups. With a week’s notice, our farm family will take one week off during the season to either rest/recharge our crew OR deal with an unforeseen weather emergency (heat dome, flooding, unsafe smoky conditions, or maybe a trip to the Bahamas?!). There will be no CSA distribution for that week.
  • We’ll share the peaks and valleys of the farming season (every year is different!) in our weekly newsletter as well on Instagram and our website. It’s important to us that you have opportunities to learn how we grow your vegetables, and we’re always open to questions.
  • If COVID allows (at our discretion), we’ll open the farm for an end-of-season farm visit for our members. We’re also hoping to allow a periodic U-pick flower perk for members.

What Our Customers Have to Say

2021 CSA member

First and foremost, THANK YOU! I looked forward to my Spring CSA box every week. On Tuesday night I would excitedly read the weekly newsletter to see what we would be receiving. Your CSA was a bright spot in a weird, pretty dark time. I will always remember that Pandemic Spring spent eating salad at every meal with my roommate. Thank you for nourishing us <3

Rating: 5 out of 5.
2021 CSA member

Thank you for all of the hard work you do – we absolutely loved our boxes this season – pickup day was my favorite day of the week!! Gorgeous produce.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What are the origins of the CSA?

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” For our Certified Organic farm, it means a person can sign up to receive a weekly pre-packed box of our highest quality, farmer’s choice vegetables for an interval of time.

CSAs are an incredible way for community members to support their farmers – payment up front gives us financial security and flexibility, empowering our local food systems – and provides a window into what we at Spring Time Farm are doing. In return, we will provide you with the very best that we are growing!

We are so inspired by this model. Dr. Booker T. Whatley developed the concept of a “clientele membership club” in the 1960s, laying the framework for the contemporary American CSA. Dr. Whatley, born in 1915 in Alabama, was an innovative Black farmer, businessman, and passionate advocate for small farms. We owe Dr. Whatley a debt of gratitude for his enormously important work in regenerative agriculture, social justice, and beyond.