Send us email at :

Give Nick a call at : 360.610.3700

6 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. You are fantastic! The website is delicious. I wish we could come to see your farm but ,here we are stuck on Maui. Best of everything, Joyce and Joseph

  2. Hi, I am the garlic separator supplier. Do you have a SKYPE account? Maybe you can add me on SKYPE so that we can discuss the details directly.
    My skype:

  3. Dear Sarah,Nick& Henry,
    I just love to watch your gardens grow ! What beautiful flowers & veggies. I would love to come out and help !
    Auntie L
    Xxx for The pup too !

  4. Miss you guys.
    Hey I still got my wee velvet pouch of Magic Beans from SpringTime Farm….. shhh dont tell any one… Kept wondereing whether to plant them ..but just love simply holding them and looking at them ..once in a while!!!?? Curious whether they would sprout if planted them next spring… too late for this year…
    Love Sasha Spring

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