Our “custom” Greenhouse

2016-03-30-10-31-34We decided a year ago to build our own greenhouse and decided to do all of it on our own. This included bending our own 1 and 5/8″pipe, which Nick did with some friends and was so strenuous that he swears he will never repeat it (one person threw up).

2016-05-16-14-36-28We finally got the greenhouse erected this March, and while it’s not exactly “square” it worked beautifully for us all season long. With the threat of a huge storm this October we ended up taking the plastic off for the winter.

2016-07-26-20-19-07It is truly amazing what you can produce in a space like this. Here are some photos of the tomatoes we grew there, in particular a variety called “Gardener’s Sweetheart” from Uprising Seeds that was by far our most popular. The two incredible photos below are from TwoFish Photography (our very talented friends Jamie Kovach and Zach Edick).


springtimefarm-12And this photo was taken by my mom at the Bellingham Farmers Market. The fruits of a custom greenhouse.





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