Fall at Spring Time

Autumn brought us a bountiful harvest and a lot of time with friends and family. We filled this Marina di Chioggia winter squash with soup for Thanksgiving, baking it until it was perilously near collapse…

Planting our garlic for the next year is one of our biggest fall projects and every year we have planted more than the last. We separate out individual cloves, push them a few inches into the ground with our thumbs, and mulch them in with straw. Come early summer each clove has formed a head of garlic and we are swimming in an allium bounty!

2014-11-05 15.21.49

It’s cold and wet work but worth every finger cramp.

We’re grateful for autumn when it comes, a moderate reprieve from summer’s maniac pace and a shift in our mindset. The cooler weather is a balm and while we remain extremely busy, our brains turn once again to plotting for next year.

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