We lost June and July to the vortex

The past two months were an absolute whirlwind out at Spring Time Farm. We will attempt a recap, but here are some important highlights right off the bat:

1. This is Beau, our flower collaborator (and Nick’s hard cider business partner). Beau and his beautiful wife, Jessa, have an incredible knowledge of and gift for flowers…our bouquets are as lovely as they are because of their hard work!

IMG_0591 IMG_0595

2. We combined our winter wheat and triticale that Nick had covercropped last fall. Luckily, Dusty owns an old Alice Chalmers and we were able to harvest 1200-1500 pounds of grain, which we’ll use for pastries!!! but mostly covercropping next year.

3. It took three days, but we harvested all of our ten varieties of garlic. Now it’s dried and curing.

IMG_0619 IMG_0618

Otherwise we’ve been making our tomatillo salsa for sale and preparing for pickles. We’ve also had some incredible visitors who have been instrumental in making sure that we enjoy our summer off of the farm….


One thought on “We lost June and July to the vortex

  1. I can’t imagine how much work it takes to run a farm… But I sure love enjoying the fruits of your labor!! See you Saturday.

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